Payment methods


On the page CHECKOUT PAYMENT please select one of the following options.

Payment by VISA Card and MasterCard

Please enter your credit card details on our payment page. Marin & Milou operates a modern secure server software with SSL-encryption, protecting your credit card information during the transfer process.

Our system checks if the credit card participates in a 3D security programme (Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode). These are specialized routines to check that only the authorized card owner and the authorized dealer are performing the transaction.

If a card holder is participating in one of the mentioned security programmes a window will open that is connected to your bank and asks for a separate authorization by secure code (your selected password. The transaction will only be performed if the correct password is entered.

If your card is not registered for such a security programme the payment transaction will be performed without any additional authorization.

Payment by American Express Card

Geben Sie bitte Ihre Kartendaten auf unserer Bezahlseite ein. marin-milou.com verfügt über eine moderne Sicherheitsserver-Software mit SSL-Verschlüsselung, die Ihre Kartendaten während der Übertragung gegen Abhören und Manipulation schützt.

Das System prüft, ob die in der Bestellung angegebene Lieferanschrift identisch mit derjenigen Anschrift ist, die bei American Express als Rechnungsadresse hinterlegt ist (Amex address verification system, kurz "AVS"). Wenn die Adressen nicht übereinstimmen, werden Sie in einer separaten E-Mail aufgefordert, die abweichende Lieferanschrift bei American Express hinterlegen zu lassen. Ihre Lieferung wird erst nach erfolgreicher Authentifizierung verschickt.

Wenn Ihre Kreditkarte für keines dieser Verfahren angemeldet ist, wird die Zahlung ohne weitere Authentifizierung durchgeführt.

Für alle Zahlungen per Kreditkarte oder Debitkarte gilt: Gutschriften aus Rücksendungen werden immer auf die für den Kauf verwendete Kreditkarte zurückgebucht.


On the page CHECKOUT_PAYMENT please select “DIRECT ebanking.com“. Please, finish the payment process and then return to the shop to finalize the order.

For this payment option you need a bank account with that you can perform electronic banking. You pay the sum total as usual directly at your home bank with the regular PIN and TAN procedure. After completing the payment you are automatically redirected to our shop for receiving an order and payment confirmation.

Any costs and banking fees will be at the customer’s expense. We’ll ship you order as soon as the complete payment has been booked to out bank account.


On the page CHECKOUT_PAYMENT please select “EU-Standard Bank Transfer“. Please complete the order and do the payment afterwards.

We display the complete international banking information on the following page as well as in the automatic order confirmation E-Mail. Please transfer the sum total of your order directly after completing the order to our bank account:

Marin & Milou GmbH
Kontoinhaber: Marin & Milou GmbH, M. Möller-Winkler

(For payments from German bank accounts)
Kontonummer: 0205 6786 00
Commerzbank Hamburg BLZ: 200 400 00

(for SEPA-payments from international accounts except German accounts)
IBAN: DE85 2004 0000 0205 6786 00

Any costs and banking fees will be at the customer’s expense. We’ll ship you order as soon as the complete payment has been booked to out bank account.


All displayed prices and all payments in our Online Shop are in EURO currency only.

Since our Online Shop is addressed to end consumers all shown prices are including German VAT. For orders shipped within the EU there are no further taxes or custom fees.

EU COUNTRIES ARE: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slowakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus (Southern Part).

If you enter a delivery address outside the EU the VAT will automatically be deducted from the prices. A custom clearance of shipments outside of the EU is excluded and is not contained in the prices given.

For further information about the various payment methods, please see our GENERAL TERMS.

For additional information, or any further questions, please feel free to contact us by email at service@marin-milou.com

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