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Antik Batik

Antik Batik

Bags and fashion from Antik Batik

Inspired by the dream destinations of the world – the totes and clutches, tunics and dresses from Antik Batik

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Antik Batik

Bags and fashion from Antik Batik

Inspired by the dream destinations of the world – the totes and clutches, tunics and dresses from Antik Batik

Discerning taste – from head to toe in trendy ethno look
For cosmopolitans with taste who expect something more, the opulently embroidered and richly adorned designs from Antik Batik exude ethno glamour and Boho vibes. The limited and partially handmade key pieces of the label, owned by Italian-born, Paris-based designer Gabriella Cortese, are inspired by the globetrotter’s countless journeys abroad.

Their translucent colours, the careful craftsmanship, and the top-quality materials such as beads, sequins, mirrors or pompoms make the bags, totes and clutches, tunics and dresses absolute must-haves for trendsetters, free spirits and lovers of folklore chic. The quality collection is rounded off by playfully designed moccasins and elegant Dianette thong sandals. Throw yourself from top to toe into the glamorous, trendy ethno look

Multicultural style inspired by the most diverse cultures
In 1992 Gabrielle Cortese founded her label Antik Batik, whose name was inspired by the Balinese art of batik. On completing her design studies in Paris, the designer travelled to India and Indonesia. She was so inspired by the artful handcraft of embroidery that this makes up a large part of her collection even today. Lucky for us! Since we can’t get enough of her richly embroidered creations. Antik Batik is a multiculti label for all those who love flower power and can’t get enough of impressive prints and playful designs. Fashion from Antik Batik is the ideal companion for the Coachella Festival or on Bondi Beach. Combined with mono-coloured basics, the striking designs are great for every day – wear a simple, long-sleeved shirt with your floral print pants from Antik Batik or choose an embroidered top as an eye-catcher to go with your elegant business outfit. The label works with around twenty studios all over the world. Every handmade piece is unique, underlining the individual character of the fashion label.

Natural materials for comfort
Scarves in melange-knit effect made of alpaca wool, oversized coats with laid-back, wool-mix fringes, and caftans in lightweight jersey are just some of the highlights in the collection. Antik Batik focuses on natural materials for its casual look. Whether you love natural colours or a vivid, colourful mix, you’ll find the fashion for you. Tassels and bells add to the hippie character of the key pieces from Antik Batik. But the designer’s range also boasts glamorous mini dresses with mirror sequins – combined with pumps, clutch and modest jewellery, they make the ideal evening outfit.

Complete, they make up a look, on their own, they are eye-catchers – the “it” pieces pep up every outfit
It’s in the grey season above all that we yearn to have the colourful companions from Antik Batik at our side. Lovingly embroidered bags with colourful beads and quality ornamental embroidery conjure a hint of summer into dull autumn and winter days, bringing mono-coloured outfits to life. The hippie-look shoulder bags can stylishly hold whatever your fashion heart desires. The collection includes not only delicate blouses and sheer tunics, but also long-armed pullovers and elegant blouses. Have that cosmopolitan feeling in your wardrobe all year round. High-quality jewellery, like playful statement necklaces, transforms even those simple outfits into eye-catchers! Simply purchase your favourite Antik Batik piece online at Marin & Milou.

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