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  • Hats

    When men turn to accessories, these have to be like the man himself – uncompromising, clear and no fancy frills. Practical straw hats and clean accessories underline that unconditional holiday look, no ifs and buts.

    Straw hats make a statement
    It is the holiday essential and an eye-catcher for sunny days – a hand-woven straw hat that not only provides shade, but also looks fantastic.

    Our selection of hats from international top designer labels is made up of headwear that you don't come across every day, but will go down well everywhere. Hats in classic beige or simple grey go well with every look. Choose hatbands in striking colours or tone-in-tone – depending on your personal taste.

    Top off your look – in the true sense of the word – by simply ordering your hat online at Marin & Milou!