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  • Tunics & Kaftans

    Sheer, elegant and fine as gossamer: kaftans and tunics bring a touch of glamour to the beach and to the pool. At home, they liven up jeans and trousers, and look great under a blazer.

    Transparent kaftans and light, airy tunics for hot, sultry days
    They’re as much a part of summer as sunglasses and a bikini. Embroidered with folklore-style details or decorated with sparkling sequins, transparent kaftans and airy tunics exude an irresistible boho vibe. Made of crocheted lace and worn over a bikini, they create an elegant Seventies look.

    All-over tendril prints will draw attention poolside without making too bold a statement thanks to the delicate, sheer fabric. We love tunics and kaftans on the beach. They’re the perfect way to cover up when it’s time to go for ice cream or a drink at the beach bar. 

    From the pool to the city and back
    Kaftans and tunics are the ideal over-garment at the beach, and provide elegant protection from the sun. Combined with a sun hat and summer accessories, they’re also a real eye-catcher at the pool. Slip on a pair of leather sandals and you’re perfectly dressed as well as comfortable, despite the warm weather. But tunics and kaftans are also fashionable on city streets. A floral pattern tunic looks great over solid-colour trousers and under a blazer. Create a fashionable layered look with tops and shirts for under your tunic or kaftan. The garments selected by Marin & Milou feature excellent workmanship and high-quality fabrics such as lightweight Ethiopian cotton or Crêpe de Chine.

    Order key pieces online from Marin & Milou and create your own stunning holiday look.