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  • Jumpsuits

    Overalls, rompers and jumpsuits are perfect for informal occasions. Short or long, sleeveless or short-sleeved, made of silk or of cotton, these fashionable one-piece items come in every variation and style

    Always a good choice: a jumpsuit for a great informal look
    If you like comfortable, practical fashions, you'll love our jumpsuits – because they're so versatile. Jumpsuits come in a variety of fabrics: wear a glamorous silk one on your next big night out!

    Cotton after-work or weekend overalls are as essential to your wardrobe as pair made from a soft, flowing fabric in a romantic floral print. 

    Holiday must-haves for casual moments
    Throw a jumpsuit over your bikini and you're already be dressed to go sightseeing. Once-piece jumpsuits made of a lightweight fabric like silk or sheer chiffon are perfect for a beach holiday. Alternatively, choose a suit in an elegant, solid-colour fabric, slip on a pair of stylish sandals and you're ready for any sophisticated evening event. Most of the jumpsuits offered by Marin & Milou feature striking patterns: floral prints, leaves and tendrils or a colourful summer mix of designs, as well as shimmering fabrics like Crêpe de Chine that flatter your figure. Choose between a shoulder-free model for informal occasions and a halter-neck jumpsuit in which you're sure to make a splash at the next important event. A jumpsuit should be part of every holiday wardrobe, so make sure to pack one. Buy a jumpsuit online from Marin & Milou, and look forward to your new key piece for casual occasions.