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Stephan Boya


There is simply no need to add anything else… Stephan Boya likes to keep everything they do simple and obvious – just like the natural beauty and sensuality of our cashmere.

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    Everything Stephan Boya designs and produces is inspired and based on the same principles of clarity, transparency & respect. There is a German word: selbtsverständlich – which loosely translates as “It’s obvious, isn’t it”, that is at the core of all these things that what they do. When things are “just right” you have reached that state of Selbstverständlichkeit and there is simply no need to add anything else. We all know and recognize these moments and state of mind. Some might call it excellence – or perfection. Stephan Boya prefers to call it “Obviously Boya”. Their clothes don’t need any explanations. They are obvious in the same way a girls beach-hair is feeling when you touch it, the same way the cool turquoise ocean feels when you jump in from the boat, the same way the cicadas sing in the blistering mediterranean afternoon heat. Stephan Boya hopes that what they design and produce has this clarity and obviousness that will make them an essential and be- loved part of your everyday life. They want to be part of your precious and luxurious moments. Moments like leaving work early for a long weekend. Just throwing in a few things into your beach bag: a bathing suit, sunscreen, that book that has been laying around unread for too long and your absolute favorite, cool and soft beach sweater, and then simply taking off. They’re looking to transmit that luxurious feeling of white shade, soft sand and turquoise water into our clothes. At the end of a long day on the beach when the wind is picking up it’s time to cover up a bit in nature’s most luxurious and sensual material – cashmere. It’s these seemingly small and simple things that really matters – that hidden and secret beach, that smell of a girl’s sandy hair after a day in the ocean, that sexy feeling of slipping naked into your favorite piece of soft cashmere. Wear Their Cashmere Naked!

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